Living the Season

The Church Year

Each time we journey through the church year we are different. Over time the seasons transform us. As we pass through each day, each season, the end of one journey positions us to step into the beginning of the next. The seasons of this calendar allow us to return again and again to the expectancy of Advent or the solemnity of Lent, to reconsider our lives and the way in which we are living them.

The patterns of the church year allow us to see afresh the new things God is working in us and in our world. The sequence of the seasons organizes our journey, yet in some ways we live all the seasons at all times. We are always waiting in hope, always called to take our light into the world, always summoned to spend time in self reflection.

We are forever engaged in an act of new creation. We are repeatedly invited to celebrate the diversity of our gifts and to work on behalf of God’s reign.

General Questions for Daily Reflection:

  • How can my life become one of thanksgiving to the One who came that we might have life in all its fullness?
  • What is the relationship between my vocation and my Christian community?
  • What is the relationship between the biblical story and my daily life?
  • How might be ministry become evangelistic in response to today’s readings?

Additional Resources:

  • Building Faith is an on-line community for Christian educators. Every day there is a new posting, many which are linked to the church calendar, lessons, and traditions for home and church.

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