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This welcome third edition of The Prayer Book Guide is a rich and well-proven resource not only for educators and liturgists, but for all who seek to deepen their understanding of the church’s worship. The Most Reverend Frank T. Griswold, XXV Presiding Bishop

A winner for teachers and learners of all ages. With its focus on adult formation, new approaches to Bible study and local and global mission, the Guide overflows with resources for all the baptized. Dr. Fredrica Harris Thompsett, Professor Emerita, Episcopal Divinity School

A wonderful gift to the Church, this revision of a tried and true favorite incorporates the Revised Common Lectionary readings, making it most useful for all sizes of congregations and also for faith formation in the home. Janie Stevens, Missioner for Christian Formation, Episcopal Diocese of Texas

Faith, biblical reflection, spirituality, and discipleship come alive in new and exciting ways. This book is a must-have for every family and church committed to life-long Christian formation. The Reverend Mark Francisco Bozzuti-Jones, Trinity Church, Wall Street

Should be on every congregation’s bookshelf . . . and off the bookshelf more often than on. It is a remarkable resource for anyone responsible for Christian Formation or simply interested in the faith of the Episcopal Church as it is understood today. Victoria L. Garvey, Canon for Christian Formation, Episcopal Diocese of Chicago.

Sharon Pearson and Robyn Szoke understand the Book of Common Prayer is a liturgical and theological treasure ready to be mined so that children, youth, and adults are truly formed in the faith. The Right Reverend James E. Curry, Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

This is one of those books that should be on your shelf and you will find yourself pulling it down at least once every two weeks all year long. Linda Scott, Resource Center & Education Director, Diocese of Atlanta.

Like the earlier editions, the guide covers “the treasure of educational objectives and ideas with the Book of Common Prayer.” It embraces the task of weaving teaching and worship to provide formation for people of all ages in Episcopal congregations. It will be an invaluable tool for churches implementing the new Charter for Lifelong Formation. Dorothy S. Linthicum, Episcopal Teacher magazine (Fall 2009), Virginia Theological Seminary

Sharon Ely Pearson and Robyn Szoke have marshaled a third edition of The Prayer Book Guide to Christian Education and, in doing so, have produced a refreshed, simple and comprehensive adjunct to worship. Martha K. Baker, Episcopal Life, November 2009.

Reiterating that all Christians are teachers and learners, the editors add insights from faith development theory, contemporary pedagogical practice, generational studies, and global awareness to craft a sourcebook accessible to “all who share in the life of the Christian community (11). As a guide, this is not a book to be read; rather, it is an education and formation-oriented reference to be used to enhance communal and individual experience and understanding of Episcopal beliefs, practices, and traditions. The Prayer Book Guide to Christian Education uses Biblical stories to correlate faith and action and to illuminate ways that Christians can engage God’s mission and follow Jesus’ Way. Julie Anne Lytle, PhD, Episcopal Divinity School (Anglican and Episcopal History – August 2010)

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  1. HELEN W. WHITE says:

    Sharon, recently a number of parish leaders, both near and far; both clergy and lay, spent a day at St. Martin-in-the- Fields, Philadelphia, with Dr. Deirdre Good who led an energetic conversation on “Biblical Studies in the Congregation”. As advocates for people in our pews, she asked: What is working? What are the challenges? What is needed? What lies ahead? In this total expereince I have rediscovered how valuable the The Prayer Book Guide to Christian Education continues to be.
    At a time when we hear distances drawn between being “religious” and being “spiritual”, this resource should leap off our shelves into our hands for practice and application.

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