The Lectionary

With the First Sunday of Advent, we begin a new church year, thus a new cycle in our Lectionary. A Lectionary is a table of readings from Scripture, appointed to be read at public worship. In 2010, the Episcopal Church officially begins using the Revised Common Lectionary, an ecumenical lectionary shared by most Protestant denominations and widely used throughout the Anglican Communion. It provides new opportunities for ecumenical Bible study and share resources for teaching and preaching.

The association of particular texts with specific days began in the 4th century. The Revised Common Lectionary, published in 1992, takes into account constructive criticism of the Common Lectionary (published in 1983) based on the evaluation of its trial use and is a three-year cycle of Sunday Eucharistic readings. We are entering Year A of the lectionary in which our Gospels will be from Matthew and during the summer months, readings from Genesis through Judges will be heard.


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