The Season After Pentecost

Fresco — 1508-1512 Sistine Chapel, Vatican City (Michelangelo)

Nothing “ordinary” about the prophets!

The numbered weeks after Pentecost are sometimes referred to as “Ordinary Time” because these weeks of the year are not associated with specific seasons such as Lent and Easter, with their overriding themes. The Season after Pentecost begins with Trinity Sunday (this year it was May 30) and ends on the last Sunday just before Advent begins.

The numbered Proper to be used on each Sunday after Pentecost is determined by the calendar date of that Sunday (see BCP p. 158). The liturgical color for this season is green, and these weeks during the summer and fall months in the northern hemisphere have often been connected with growth and fruitfulness in the Christian life. Although in this time of the Church Year it may seem that nothing of note happens, we understand that our “ordinary” lives are how we live out our Christian faith.

In our lectionary (this is Year C), we hear stories of God’s Word revealed as it confronts those who govern and guide the people of the world beginning with the reign of Solomon. The great stories of the prophets Elijah and Elisha from First and Second Kings are told followed by a fifteen-week focus on the writings of the great prophets (read alongside Luke).


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