Proper 14, Year C – August 8, 2010

Being righteous through faith

  • Isaiah 1:1, 10-20
  • Psalm 50:1-8, 23-24
  • Hebrews 11:103, 8-16
  • Luke 12:32-40

The writer of this letter to the Hebrews shows that faith in God leads to action. If we trust in God, we can move forward in life. Do you have faith in God’s care for you? How can you show that you trust in God? Is God calling you to a deeper faith? How? What forward step can you take that, without faith in God, would be more difficult or impossible for you?

If you read this Gospel again carefully, you will discover that Jesus is comparing himself to a thief! Just as we would “watch out” for a thief, so we must “watch out” for the coming of the Lord. One saint said of Jesus, “He steals our hearts!” However, we must be clear: Jesus always respects our freedom. We can say yes or no when he comes. The question is: When Jesus comes, will you want to keep your door closed, or open it up wide? Are you going to wait until the end of time to welcome Jesus, or can you begin today? How?

A Reflective Prayer
May we give our hearts to faith, O God
our minds, yes,
our intellect, yes,
our thought, yes,
but also our hearts
all that is deep down in ourselves
and beats with life
may we give our hearts to faith.
And may we have eyes to see that faith alive in the world
renew us and reshape us
that we can name that faith love
call us and provoke us
that we can name that faith justice
transform us and mould us
that we can name that faith peace
and our lives become real
like heaven is real to those without homes
and like resurrection is real to those without freedom
and like bread and wine are real to those who live in hunger
may we give our hearts to faith
all that is in us that beats with life
to your call in us
to transform and renew this world
beyond this place
faith that speaks into silence with words of hope
that sings the song that has been taken from others
that touches what the world has left untouched for too long
that protests when the world prefers the boat not to rock
that irritates with truth the propaganda of power
that commits to the long term what others have passed over
May we give our hearts to faith
In Jesus name
So be it
(from the Church of Scotland)

About Sharon Ely Pearson

Editor and Christian Formation Specialist for Church Publishing Incorporated
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